Thursday, October 7, 2010

Support Our Troops

The Historic Trinity “Support Our Troops” project involves the gathering of items for “Care Packages” to send to specifically named men and women in the United States armed forces in Iraq and elsewhere. If you have a family member in the service, please provide us with their name and address. Recently, another 44 care packages were shipped out. The next assembling of troop boxes will be on Thursday, October 14th at 9:00 a.m. Bring items for the boxes to the church by Sunday, October 10th.

Items needed for Troop boxes include: Men’s paperback non-combat books, Guideposts & Portals of Prayer booklets, AA batteries for CD players, Men’s grooming supplies, Socks - men&women, puzzle books, magazines, paperback books, one-time use cameras, games, newspaper cartoons, ballpoint pens, snacks in non-crush able packs, candy, gum, pretzels,
potato chips, nuts, breakfast bars, granola bars, individual cereals, cracker packs, no chocolates (they melt in boxes), hand sanitizers, lotion & lip gloss for dry skin, more letters from you - some get no mail from home, donations cash - Ladies Aid will do shopping.
Your support is greatly appreciated. See you in church!!

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