Saturday, April 2, 2011

LCC - Lutheran Church in the City

"LCC - 'LUTHERAN CHURCH IN THE CITY' The presence of the Lutheran Church in Detroit, like the city, has been shrinking for the last 50 years. We cannot continue to do what we have in the past but must change, and do so now. As the State of Michigan and the City of Detroit are engaged in reinventing themselves, so also must the church in the city engage in a process to reinvent itself. Within this context, urban pioneers are beginning to move back into the city. The Shared Ministry of Historic Trinity and Our Shepherd is promoting the Lutheran Church of the City (LCC) via the Historic Trinity Cathedral Ministry as a self supporting flexible organization to work within revitalization zones that are being established by the City of Detroit. It is fostering contacts with developers and community representatives to allow LCC to become involved at the ground floor of these communities. Using existing community, civic, and business resources, LCC will develop programs to engage urban pioneers in discussion intended to maintain and improve their values of life. It will assist the participants to become involved in service and worship opportunity."

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