Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!

Check out the great article entitled “5 Ways Fathers Can Inspire Their Children” by Karen Anderson

Happy Father’s Day!  See you in church!!

5 Ways Fathers Can Inspire Their Children
by Karen Anderson

They’re both called parents, but mothers and fathers bond with their kids differently. For the mom, the relationship begins at conception and grows through the pregnancy and throughout life. For the father, the bond is forged at birth, when he first lays eyes on and holds his child. Most dads have to work harder than moms to sustain and nurture the bond they have with their children, and when they share a special relationship, it’s easy to inspire their kids to go on to do great things in life. If you’re a father, here are a few ways to inspire your children:

• Set an example: Rather than teach your children with words alone, show them what needs to be done by setting an example. If you want them to be healthy, eat healthy food and exercise regularly. This way, it’s easier to get your kids involved in sports and also make them realize that junk food is not good for them. When you’re hardworking and responsible, you teach your kids to be so too. They look up to you and want to emulate you when they grow up.

• Treat their mom well: Kids are very attached to their mothers as they grow up, so if you don’t treat their mom well and accord her due respect, they’re not going to like you or respect you, leave alone be inspired by you. The best thing you can do for your children is to love their mom and be nice to her.

• Spend time with them: Fathers who are absent most of the time from their children’s lives don’t have much of an impact on them. So if you want to inspire your children, be around for them and spend time with them; help them with their homework, play games with them, drive them around for their activities, and get to know what they like and who their friends are. This way, the bond between you becomes stronger.

• Encourage them without finding fault: Kids have a natural enthusiasm that cannot be curbed. They are full of energy for the things they are passionate about, and as a father, it’s up to you to encourage your children to reach for the stars and achieve their goals. Don’t push them to do more than they want to or are capable of; rather, be there for them and offer support when asked or needed. Don’t find fault because they don’t live up to your expectations. There’s nothing like negative criticism to curb enthusiasm.

• Teach them right from wrong: The best way to do this is to be a moral and ethical person yourself; when your kids see that dad doesn’t lie, cheat or treat other people badly, they pick up these traits naturally. You’re an inspiration as to how they want to live their lives and treat their children.

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