Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pastor's Comment - "Need a Day of Rest?"

"Pastor’s Comment-“Need a Day of Rest?”

In 1894, President Cleveland signed a bill into law designating the first Monday in September as “Labor Day”. Now, many years later, Labor Day is actually seen as the last long weekend of summer. And everyone who can, takes a “vacation” on the first Monday of September. The last hurrah! Friends and families gathering together for that last cookout, that last day at the beach, that last real day of ‘rest&relaxation’ before the hectic fall arrives. A day off from labor, however, was definitely not a new concept. Our Lord had instituted a day of rest, way before
1894. And, it wasn’t called Labor was called the Sabbath. (Exodus 20:8-10). Which meant, we are supposed to take a day off from everyday life once a week... not just once a year. And this is not just a day of rest, it is a day of worship, a day of prayer, a day of thanksgiving, and a day to reconnect with our Lord. Does this sound like your Sundays, or do your Sundays look like the rest of your days in the week... hectic and harried. As Sunday comes to an end, do you feel spiritually, emotionally and physically renewed and energized, ready
for a new week? Or, do you feel draggy and dreading Monday morning. May this Labor Day mark the day that we become more Sabbath-centered...ensuring that Sundays in our homes and lives are a true day of worship and rest, putting aside normal work activities and worldly
distractions. May our focus be on precious time spent with the Lord, our loved ones, and even just ourselves, as we observe each Sabbath Day."

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